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Providing fraudulent information, failure to maintain an active status, ordering for a nonqualified buyer and/or not maintaining a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for in-season products will result in the termination of a wholesale account. Although we cannot guarantee absolute territory protection, we can promise that we strive to work with our retailers to contribute to their success. 

As purchaser, I certify that I am engaged in the business of selling merchandise and services of the kind and type sold by your firm. Unless otherwise specified, I certify that all merchandise and services purchased on or after this date is to be resold. I also certify that if the merchandise and services are withdrawn for use other than for resale I will report the transaction to my respective State Government's Department of Revenue as a withdrawal from stock and pay the tax thereon based upon the reasonable and fair market value, but not less than the original purchase price. Furthermore, I understand I am assuming liability for the sales or use tax on transactions between me and your firm. (Certain organizations and purchases are exempt from State Sales Tax). I certify that All Website Images are the Property of Wholesale Boutique and I'm NOT going to copy without prior permission.